Ty Gowen

Ty Gowen is one of the founding members and investigator of the Independent Series Award nominated show Haunt ME. Through his webseries, Ty's works have been showcased in Fangoria, interviewed on the Midnight in the Desert Radio Show, and featured on Dana & Greg Newkirk’s Week in Weird/The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and Occult.  Adept at interpreting and utilizing the metaphysical techniques used by his teammates, Ty prefers to corroborate this type of evidence with traditional technical tools. While proficient in tech, he is quickly gaining experience in the world of magic, as he actively studies and provides readings with Elder Runes for those who prefer their divination to have a Viking bite.

While his show centers around historical haunts within the state of Maine, he has investigated many of America’s more famous hauntings through Amy Bruni's Strange Escapes, and has lectured for her at the Mt Washington Hotel. While touring and lecturing, his approach to investigation may seem a bit left of center, so Ty appreciates opportunities to share his strange knowledge with eager investigators and to explore all that the world of weird has to offer. Most importantly, Ty is a Pokémon Master.

Haunt ME is available on www.haunt-me.com