Paranormal Investigator

Lecturer, Rune Stone Reader, Web Personality

From the Independent Series award winning show Haunt ME, Ty has become adept at interpreting and utilizing the metaphysical techniques used by his teammates, preferring to corroborate this type of evidence with traditional technical tools. 

Rune Casting - While proficient in tech, he is quickly gaining experience in the world of magic as he actively studies and provides readings with Elder Runes for event attendees who prefer their divination to have a Viking bite. Offering multiple formats of Futhark Rune Casts for event patrons, Ty can customize the runic readings to match the needs of each individual patron. 

For events, Ty has experience lecturing and guiding teams through some of America’s more famous hauntings via Amy Bruni’s Strange Escapes as well as large conventions like Michigan Paracon. While touring and lecturing, his approach to investigation may seem a bit left of center, so Ty appreciates opportunities to share his strange knowledge with eager investigators and to explore all that the world of weird has to offer.


Ty is a clown connoisseur of sorts, but most importantly, Ty is a Pokémon Master.



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