Paranormal Investigator

YouTube Personality | Tarot Diviver | Occultist

Bringing magic to the team, Katie Webb is the driving force behind all that is mystical on the Independent Series Award winning show, Haunt ME. Utilizing her talents she is often the first to gleam what waits just beyond the veil, and empowers her team members to hone in on and learn from what is available to them. 


Customized Apothecary - From Tarot to tinctures, crystals to craft, Katie is well skilled at reaching through to the other side and isn’t afraid of what waits for her there. Traveling to events with a fleet of home brewed occult supplies, she works with clients looking for personally tailored magic solutions. 


Outside of Haunt ME, Katie is active in the community and is sought out for her Tarot prowess. As the founder of Sun Sorceress Tarot, Katie offers a unique spin on divination, providing her clients with in depth examinations of their fates. Setting her apart from other readers is her unique reading style with her preferred decks: The Serpentfire, the Thoth, and the Lumina decks. With this, Katie teaches her unique take on tarot through online classes and at conventions upon request

On full moons Katie can be found fighting the Illuminati.


...To Be Announced

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