Haunt ME


Paranormal Investigator

YouTube Personality | Reiki Master | Ufologist

With the most years of experience of any team member of the Independent Series Award winning series Haunt ME, Carol’s skillset is also the most varied. From spirits to spaceships and everything in between, Carol is a veteran adventurer in the world of the weird. A straight shooter on the team, she seeks to find the truth in any situation and devotes herself to helping those who need it.

Ufology and Reiki Mastery - When not filming, Carol regularly attends ufology conferences as both a speaker and a guest, due to her prominent knowledge of the field. In addition, her drive to help those in need extends beyond the webseries, with her private practice and continued education of Reiki Healing, which she offers to those who seek non-traditional restorative practices and event attendees. 


Throughout her paranormal career, Carol has ventured across the country to some of the most notable paranormal sites in the United states. From Waverly Hills to the Hinsdale House, Carol works to bring the knowledge of her experiences to those who seek it. 

Carol accepts Oakhurst Super Premium Chocolate Milk as barter for her skills.


...To Be Announced

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