Kristen Lumen
Kristen Lumen
Kristen Lumen


Paranormal Investigator

Television Personality

Kristen Luman began her work in the paranormal when she attended Portland State University. Studying Psychology, she took any and all classes that focused around paranormal 

psychology. She had always loved the world of the "unknown" since she was a child, practicing seances at slumber parties, and reading any haunted story book she could get her grade school hands on. It wasn't until she attended college that she discovered there was a science to it. 

After graduating in Psychology, with a focus on Human Development and Paranormal Psychology, she went on to become a certified Hypnotherapist. She comes at the paranormal world from a paranormalpsychologist's perspective. She studies what different energies do to our neurology and physiology. 


Still a practicing hypnotherapist, Kristen Luman is now co-lead investigator and a paranormal researcher on the Ghost Hunters team. She has brought her expertise in both the human mind and the paranormal to over 100 investigations in the past decade, including other paranormal shows such as Ghost Mine and Behind the Screams. Her work as a Hypnotherapist and her knowledge of parapsychology is invaluable when interviewing witnesses who believe they’ve experienced something supernatural. That skill set also means Kristen is usually the most skeptical investigator on any team she joins.


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