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Executive Producer and Co-Star of TLC's hit show "Kindred Spirits", Adam Berry has spent the past 10 years investigating, researching, and exploring some of the most haunted locations in the world. Adam founded his own research and investigation team out of Provincetown, MA in 2007 and began documenting cases to help others understand strange activity that took place in their homes.

Adam leapt into the public eye in 2010 when he joined the reality competition show "Ghost Hunters Academy", and shortly after joined SYFY's hit paranormal program, "Ghost Hunters" as part of the main cast where he met his "partner in ghosts" Amy Bruni. Throughout his paranormal career Adam has traveled the country exploring some of the most chilling haunted locations ever recorded.

After his extended run on Ghost Hunters, he stepped away from the television spotlight to focus on his non-profit theatre company Peregrine Theatre Ensemble, another great passion in his life. He never stopped ghost hunting, however, and continued to collaborate with spiritual enthusiasts through lectures, events and one-on-one investigations. He has always continued his own inner exploration of the unknown, continuing to learn from seasoned veterans of the paranormal field, and recently was able to bring his own knowledge to the forefront by returning to his roots; helping families try to explain the unexplainable. With this, Adam Berry has returned to the screen on TLC where he currently helps to bring solace to families dealing with paranormal phenomena on the hit series "Kindred Spirits."

When Adam isn’t investigating or running a non-profit theatre company, he likes to spend his time hanging out on the beaches of the national seashore, performing on the stage, singing Journey at karaoke, and traveling for vacation.

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