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Paranormal Investigator

Television Personality/Lecturer/Historian

Profiler/Co-Owner of TWC

Scott ”Porter” is best known for being the Profiler, Historian, and Co-Owner of the Tennessee Wraith Chasers franchise as seen on Haunted Live, Most Haunted Towns, Haunted Towns, Ghost Asylum, Ghostland Tennessee and The Exorcist House Special on Travel Channel and Destination America. He has also appeared on, and won, the Old South Pittsburg Hospital episode of Travel Channel’s Paranormal Challenge.  This resume of television works has Porter appearing in over 40 television episodes and has allowed him to investigate the supernatural for over a decade.  In this short time Porter has become a premier researcher of the paranormal and the historical events related to the locations, fables and lore of said haunted locations.

Porter’s interest in the supernatural is a carryover from his religious upbringing.  He has stated that: “Everyone has a story of something they can’t explain. Is it of Godly or evil origin, or is it something natural to our environment yet to be discovered? That’s the stuff we want to research, discover and verify if possible.”  His story really began one morning when he awoke from sleep to smell the aroma of breakfast permeating throughout his parent’s home and seeing what he thought was his mother cooking. Upon getting freshened up for this meal and returning to the kitchen, Porter found no sign of breakfast, no aroma, no dirty dishes, and no parents.  It was later discovered that they had been gone for many hours prior to this event which left Porter asking the question: “Are we not alone?”


It would be years later that Porter would join the Tennessee Wraith Chasers (TWC) and continue to confront these supernatural experiences. Today, Porter shares his experiences with millions across America on Haunted Live and Most Haunted Towns airing on Travel Channel, as well as attending events to offer his experience and share his. 


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