Psychic / Lecturer

Originally from a small town outside of London England, Dana Preshous is a Certified International Psychic Medium and a Reiki Master. She was fully tested and certified through LWISSD by well renowned Psychic Medium, Lisa Williams, for her gifts.

Dana is a Public Speaker, Teacher of Psychic and Self-Development Workshops, and a Reiki Master teacher of the Usui method of natural healing. Dana gives evidential information and healing to help and assist individuals and families in connecting families to their loved ones by the use of direct spirit communication with the other side. Dana uses her tools in clearing homes and businesses of any spiritual activity when needed. 

Ultimately coming to a place of full faith and belief in her own journey as a Psychic Medium, Dana believes that everyone has their own psychic ability and that with a little bit of practice, we can all connect to our divine guidance system which will aid us all.

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