Haunt ME

Haunt ME is an Independent Series Award nominated web series that spotlights haunted history throughout the state of Maine. Starring Ty Gowen, Carol Cleveland, and Katie Webb, the team have been showcased in Fangoria, interviewed on the Midnight in the Desert Radio Show, and featured on Greg & Dana Newkirk’s Week in Weird/Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and Occult.

TY GOWEN Investigator, Lecturer, Rune Stone Reader
Adept at interpreting and utilizing the metaphysical techniques used by his teammates, Ty prefers to corroborate this type of evidence with traditional technical tools. While proficient in tech, he is quickly gaining experience in the world of magic, as he actively studies and provides readings with Elder Runes for those who prefer their divination to have a Viking bite. For events, Ty has experience lecturing and guiding teams through some of America’s more famous hauntings via Amy Bruni’s Strange Escapes.
While touring and lecturing, his approach to investigation may seem a bit left of center, so Ty appreciates opportunities to share his strange knowledge with eager investigators and to explore all that the world of weird has to offer.
Most importantly, Ty is a Pokémon Master.

CAROL CLEVELAND – Investigator, Reiki Master, Ufologist
With the most years of experience under her belt amongst the Haunt ME team, Carol’s skillset is also the most varied. From spirits to spaceships and everything in between, Carol is a veteran adventurer in the world of the weird. A straight shooter on the team, she seeks to find the truth in any situation and devotes herself to helping those who need it.
When not filming, Carol regularly attends ufology conferences as both a speaker and a guest, due to her prominent knowledge of the field. In addition, her drive to help those in need extends beyond the webseries, with her private practice and continued education of Reiki Healing, which she offers to those who seek non-traditional restorative practices.
Carol accepts Oakhurst Super Premium Chocolate Milk as barter for her skills.

KATIE WEBBInvestigator, Tarot Divination, Occultist
Bringing magic to the team, Katie Webb is the driving force behind all that is mystical on Haunt ME. Utilizing her talents she is often the first to gleam what waits just beyond the veil, and empowers her team members to hone in on and learn from what is available to them. From Tarot to tinctures, crystals to craft, Katie is well skilled at reaching through to the other side, and isn’t afraid of what waits for her there. Outside of Haunt ME, Katie is active in the community and is sought out for her Tarot prowess. As one of the founders of Existence Magick, Katie offers a unique spin on divination, providing her clients with in depth examinations of their fates.
On full moons Katie can be found fighting the Illuminati.

Haunt ME is available to view at www.haunt-me.com