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Haunt ME

Paranormal Investigators

Web Personalities / Lecturers/Divination & Magic

Haunt ME is an Independent Series Award winning web series that spotlights haunted history throughout the state of Maine. Starring Ty Gowen, Carol Cleveland, and Katie Webb, the team have been showcased in Fangoria, interviewed on the Midnight in the Desert Radio Show, and featured on Greg & Dana Newkirk’s Week in Weird/Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and Occult.


Striving to set themselves apart, Haunt ME aims to combine tech with metaphysical practices in a unique form of ‘paranormal alchemy’ that spans the range of usual investigation. Combining magic with technology is distinctive way they teach event attendees how to look at investigations. 


Soon entering their 6thseason, the team have taken the knowledge they’ve gained investigating their home state of Maine and crossed borders, both physically and paranormally, as Haunt ME begins their travels across the country. To see them all together, book the whole team at your event at a special bundled rate. Or, book the team members individually based on your needs. 


Check out Haunt ME's latest episodes here.

Haunt ME is available to view at

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