Tarot Specialist

Ken Boggle has been studying, reading, and using the Tarot for more than 25 years, traveling all over the world for his clients. Many even say that he has helped them change their lives. His direct, intense, and entertaining approach to Tarot has garnered the respect of not only his clients, but all those who have followed his career. 

When Ken is not reading cards for private clients, he can be found participating as a featured guest for Paranormal investigations such as The Roads Hotel, Waverly Hills, and The Carnegie Center. Not only does he provide readings for individual clients at events, but he also offers gallery tarot readings as well. Ken is passionate about helping others in need and is very active in charitable fundraising events including: Coal River Children’s Advocacy Center, The Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center, Susan G. Komen Foundation, as well as many others.

Ken has been featured on: ABC36 MidDay Kentucky, LEX18 Good Morning Kentucky, WKQQ, and KISS96.9. Ken is also a Co-Host of and regularly appears on paranormal themed podcasts all over the country. He is a featured guest for The Inner Light Festival, Mystical Fair: Lexington, Mama Ruby’s Holistic and Mystic Expo, and The Scarefest. He so believes in these events and the culture of this industry, that he serves on many convention boards and provides yearly Sponsorships. His new series, Tarot Date with Ken Boggle is the first show to ever focus on the psychic interpretation of Tarot cards. 

Visit the show page: hosted by the VidiSpace Network.



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