Jeff adkins & ToDD Bonner


Jeff Adkins’ journey into the paranormal world began at the young age of 9, when a light in his room turned on seemingly by itself. The experience was the beginning of a lifelong interest and curiosity, and from that point forward, the paranormal world fascinated him. Since studying at Wayne State University, Jeff has become a Public Relations pro working for a major healthcare system in Michigan when not involved in the paranormal. Because of his experiences in PR, Jeff has developed strong interpersonal skills and enjoys speaking publicly at events. In 2012, Jeff joined a paranormal investigation team, which he stayed with for several years before starting Detroit Paranormal Expeditions (DPX) with his best friend, Todd Bonner. Todd and Jeff knew what they wanted their team to be – a group of people who have chemistry with one another and a strong passion for a better understanding of the unknown. Today, DPX is thriving. The group has investigated locations in both Michigan’s Upper and Lower Peninsula, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky and the list keeps growing. From former mining towns, to old mansions, psychiatric hospitals and islands – DPX has covered some serious ground in a short time, enjoying sharing their experiences with others in the field.



Todd's journey into the paranormal began unexpectedly at a young age, 30 years ago. He decided to sneak into an abandoned psychiatric hospital called Eloise. That's when he first heard a disembodied voice…one that propelled him to search for answers, learning and experimenting to find the truth. Todd is Co-founder of Detroit Paranormal Expeditions, and is also the host of Paranormal Plunge Radio which airs live weekly. Todd continues to investigate with his team, featuring some of the most up to date techniques and equipment available. As well as working with the Historical Preservation Society back home, Todd enjoys giving lectures, blogging, helping to educate the public, and working as a consultant with paranormal professionals from around the world. Todd has been a guest on Fox, NBC, and Destination America, as well as featured in publications that include The Detroit Free Press, Metro Times, and The Associated Press. He continues to search for the unknown and unexplained, and embraces the weird and creepy lifestyle that he now lives.